One on one consultations give us the ability to better understand you as a whole, what you are experiencing and how you can feel like yourself again. During an initial consult, we look at your medical history, family history, current symptoms, diet and lifestyle in order to customize a plan to support your health goals. We include custom herbal formulas, nourishment, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations to help bring you back to health. We are currently offering virtual appointments.



Madison Myatt is a Medical Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist practicing in Victoria, BC. While attending Pacific Rim College, she became fascinated with reproductive health and the complex interplay of hormones in the body. In her final 2 years of study, she focused her courses and clinical experience in women's health, taking additional workshops in cycle tracking, hormonal lab work and hormonal disorders. Her specialties include hormonal imbalances and disorders, fertility, pregnancy and post-partum. She has a passion for body literacy and self-advocacy within the medical system and informed consent. When not in clinic, she can be found exploring outside with partner and son, surfing, cycling and cooking. 

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       Riley Craven is a Medical Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist in Victoria, BC. She graduated from Pacific Rim College in 2019 and worked at Apotheka Herbal Boutique for two years while growing her own practice and business. In June 2022, Riley became the Assistant Dean of Online Nutrition for Pacific Rim College Online.

Riley loves to support painful periods, hormone imbalance, perimenopause and menopause, chronic headaches/migraines, depression and anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, stress, and emotional processing in grief. She is passionate about her clients feeling empowered and autonomous in their bodies with education, a nourished body and mind, emotional literacy, and a connection to intuition. She believes in the importance of connecting with nature and noticing the thoughts and stories we tell ourselves.

When Riley is not practicing, she can often be found out in the forest, eating delicious food with friends, traveling, or reading.

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Custom Herbal Formulas 

50mL - $18 
105mL - $33 
140mL - $44 
210mL - $55 
280mL - $75 
420mL - $110 
560mL - $150 
25g - $9 
50g - $15
100g - $25
50 - $15 
100 - $22
Custom formulas are dispensed through the individual practitioner and billed in addition to the consult. Custom formulas cannot be purchased through the online Apothecary.